Monitor web pages automatically to get changes

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What is it?

A set of perl scripts.
They monitor web pages to check if version numbers of softwares, last updates of pages or any part of the content, have been updated inside thoses pages.
Scripts also manage subscriptions of people and can send email notifications of the modifications extracted from pages.

What is needed?

How does it work?

You first define channels. They are described by a name, an url and a filter.
A channel is updated when the scripts visit the url, grab a value from the content of the url through a (regular expression) filter. Values are stored to keep an history. If a new value is detected (reflecting changes in the page) a notification flag is set.
After this, you define people with names, emails, and a list of subscriptions to channels. The notification process send them an email digest of changes.

Practicaly, you will add channels and test them. Regulary, you will launch the polling to retrieve changes. As an admin, you will get a digest of all changes that you will be able to moderate (in case regexps do not work anymore, or servers do not serve anymore). Once channels are moderated (notification removed or channel set inactive if needed) you will be able to launch the notification process.

Current version: 0.1

Last news:

Release 0.1
( on Sun, 25 Feb 2007 20:28:09 -0000)
First release outside CVS.

Some updates
( on Sun, 25 Feb 2007 20:05:06 -0000)
subscription notifications have been updated. This is much more robust to SMTP failures and avoid double notifications or misses. Available in CVS.

New cvs commit
( on Sun, 08 May 2005 16:22:29 -0000)
New files have been commited. notify.pl script can now send emails notifications. This is still in beta stage, but it is now useable.